Daily Prompt: Mentor Me

This is a perfect prompt for me. I’m currently taking a Creative Writing course in Ontario. The course is divided into three specializations: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry. I’m concentrating in Fiction.

What’s really interesting about the course is that you get to choose a professional Canadian author to work as your “mentor”. Their job is to critique your work, give you tips on how to improve your writing, and provide you with any insights they can about the industry.

My mentor is award winning Canadian novelist Joan Barfoot. Words cannot express how much she has taught me – which is ironic, considering the course focuses on how to express your thoughts and ideas through words. I’d have to say the most important thing that she has taught me has been to not be afraid to read aloud what I have written (to myself and others), to never give up on an idea (no matter how far-fetched it may seem), and to not worry about who will be reading your story or what they will think about it. Don’t worry about whether your work is “good enough” for publishing. Just let the words flow. Just write, and write for you.

Looking back at my work from the beginning of the course, I can tell right away that I have improved significantly. It’s all thanks to my mentor, who has had enough patience to work through my ramblings and correct my horrendous mistakes.

It is my dream to see my writing in a bookstore one day – crisp, white pages filled with my words, bound with a glossy cover and all – and I believe Ms. Barfoot has led me one step closer to achieving that.

Interested in reading some of Joan Barfoot’s work? Please follow the link below:



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