Murky Lake Water

above, oppressed
the droplets drip down your skin
from murky lake water
and I wonder why
no one has jumped at
the chance to catch them
with mouths open
like fish

– Megan Lacombe


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist


A few weeks ago, while up at my cottage, I stumbled upon a parts of an old car. We were just mucking around in the forest behind the cottage, and there it was, half hidden beneath the earth. Definitely wasn’t expecting it…Fingers crossed that there aren’t any dead bodies anywhere (kidding). It would make for a good murder mystery novel though.

What are your thoughts on this? How do you think the car got there (specifically Northern Ontario, cottage country)? Why do you suppose someone left it? I’m thinking time travel, but that’s just my wild imagination talking.

I hope I’ve caused some sort of inspiration for you. 🙂

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I have great news! I’ve been published again! I was hired on a contract position as a Content Writer for a company called LifeLearn Inc. The company is an educational publisher and interactive media site connected with veterinary and pet-related industries. So, my job was to write pet-related articles (primarily about dogs and cats) to pet owners, and B2B (business-to-business) articles marketed towards veterinarians. Cool, right?

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Calling all crafters…

Hey guys!

I recently discovered this awesome crafting website called Tea Party Ribbons. Not only does this company manufacture and sell unique ribbon at affordable prices, but they also let freelance writers/bloggers (like me) contribute to their blogging page. So if there’s anyone out there that has some creative crafting ideas with ribbon, I highly recommend writing for this site. I think it’s a great way to get your name out there. Best of all, the company will pay you if your post gets published to TPR’s “Top Posts” page. Awesome, right?

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