Murky Lake Water

above, oppressed
the droplets drip down your skin
from murky lake water
and I wonder why
no one has jumped at
the chance to catch them
with mouths open
like fish

– Megan Lacombe


Chasers of the Light

I haven’t read a good poetry book in a really long time. Then, I stumbled upon Tyler Knott Gregson’s Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series. I encourage anyone with a love of poetry and photography to buy this book. It’s. So. Good. It has easily become one of my favourite books.

Check it out here. Or here.

Happy reading, friends!

The Words

I fear, one day, that I will run out of the words
Talking words
Silent words
Silent as the grave in which I dug them out

I could write
On paper
Long since forgotten
Blown away in the wind
Torn in frustration
Crumpled under fast paced walkers
Used as a napkin for that smear of mustard dribbled down your shirt
Your pants
Your jacket

I fear, one day, that I will lose the words
Saved on a floppy disk
Noted on a recorder
Washed away with rain captured in a storm drain
A tiny voice drowned out
“In my…lifetime…if I was only to write one…one…on…o…”

The words become nothing
I sit

“I have hated the words,
And I have loved them”

I fear, one day, I will run out of

– Megan Lacombe